Noah music ministry is the gospel musical band of Shiboku Jesus Christ Church.
We have released six original CDs. Also, we sometimes have concerts at various churches and other locations.

All of our songs use daily natural words which is easy to understand. This is because we want to partake of the praise we have given by God with many people.

As, we think all praise is to be shared for all Christians, we have proposed the SGM (Sharing Gospel Music) system, and all of our praise can be used for free.

It is permitted to copy a CD with this SGM mark, in the purpose of Christian edification. So, it is legal.

Noah is supported by the carrying advertisements and by everybody's contributions. Please contact us if you could support Noah's music ministry with an advertisement, a contribution, or in any other way.

Hope you enjoy the new praise!!

Noah Music Ministry
4-22-7 Shin-ishikawa Aoba-ku Yokohama city, JAPAN

Noah music ministry